You’ll need to make a lot of phone calls to get to the top

What if your phone setup was integrated into your email system so you could make calls with the simple click of a mouse? What if your phone system let you make high-quality video calls where you could speak with clients face-to-face? What if your phone system provided you with instant messaging, hold music and a number of other features for no extra charges?

At Summit Technology Group, LLC, we dislike ‘what ifs’ and that’s why we offer VoIP Solutions that can streamline communications and save you money. You get the same call quality as normal phone service, not to mention advanced features like video conferencing, for less than what you pay the telephone company for standard service each month.

VoIP solutions from Summit Technology Group gives your business:

  • Savings – stop paying costly phone bills in favor of flat-rate phone service.
  • No installation headaches - we take care of installation and handle things when it’s convenient for you, not us.
  • Free long distance - stop paying premium rates for national and international calls. It’s free with VoIP.
  • Mobile communications – take calls anywhere via laptop, in-house phone or even a mobile device that’s connected to the internet.
  • Feature-rich service - enjoy tools like video conferencing, instant messaging and call forwarding.

Summit Technology Group is proud to offer cutting-edge VoIP to our clients. Not only does it save you money, but it can also make your life, and the life of your employees, a whole lot easier.