Business Continuity

Losing your data shouldn’t mean losing your business

According to the American National Archives & Records Administration, 93 percent of companies that lost access to their data center for 10 days or more ended up filing for bankruptcy within a year. That’s why disasters can be a cruel blow from which many SMBs are unable to recover from. However, with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery from Summit Technology Group, LLC, you will give your company a fighting chance to survive should the worst occur.

We understand that time is money and Summit Technology Group, LLC is able to restore your systems and data in real-time thus reducing downtime to minutes or even seconds. It doesn’t matter if you lose access to your data due to a tornado or employee negligence, we’ll be there to ensure your operations are not disrupted.

Business Continuity from Summit Technology Group provides:

  • Safety - We make sure mission-critical files are always backed up and ready to go
  • Speed - Our speedy recovery process ensures you get back to business hours or even minutes after a disaster
  • Security - We’ll protect your data 24/7 to guarantee it's security
  • Preparation - Together we can create a plan that ensures your company is prepared for a disaster and ready to act if something should occur

Our region is no stranger to natural disasters and that’s why it is important that your business is prepared. And there is no better preparation than a Business Continuity Plan. Together we’ll ensure your company is able to stand up to anything.