Managed Services

Stop being reactive and enjoy proactive IT protection

Why wait to react when something goes wrong with your technology? Reactive services may seem to make sense if you buy into the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” philosophy, but that can often mean more downtime, less productivity, and lower revenue. Think about it another way - if your car was running low on oil it would still run, but would you keep driving knowing that down the line you would end up paying a lot more to get it fixed? Probably not because buying a $5 quart of oil to keep your car running makes a lot more sense than waiting for it break and paying $5000 to rebuild the engine, not to mention having to go weeks without a car while the work is taking place.

In essence, that is the difference between choosing a managed services provider for your IT and relying on a break/fix IT guy. We’ll monitor your systems and keep up with routine maintenance for a flat-rate monthly fee so you get peace of mind knowing that your technology is always operating at its best.

Look at the benefits of having Summit Technology Group, LLC provide proactive managed services:

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring - Reduce downtime and repair costs
  • Asset Managment - Reduce costs with better lifecycle management
  • Security Assurance - Make sure your technology meets all industry regulations
  • Preventative Maintenance - Improve productivity and avoid costly repairs
  • Reporting - Better understand your IT and what type of ROI you are getting from it
  • Business Reviews - Provided on a quarterly or annual basis, you will get the opportunity to plan and budget more accurately

Let Summit Technology Group, LLC be your managed service provider. As a trusted IT advisor and your virtual IT department, we can provide a variety of services at one flat rate price. Instead of trying to budget for an unknown number of hours that reactive services may require, you can rest assured that with our proactive approach your IT needs will be in good hands.