Bearcat Land, Inc.


Bearcat Land, Inc.


Customer needs to alleviate server performance issues, caused by an over committed operating system fulfilling multiple roles on one physical server. Customer wants to maximize utilization of current assets and limit cost all with minimal downtime. In addition remote teleworker and wireless management solutions needs to be implemented.


Migrated the customer to a VMWare ESXi solution on existing Dell rack hardware and created five VMs to fulfill the roles being performed by one server operating system. Separated line of business application roles for improved performance and security. Deployed Mitel Border Gateway server and a Linux server to manage multiple wireless networks.


Customer was able to achieve desired results without investing in any new physical hardware. End users experience the benefits of a more balanced use of server & network resources.Bearcat now has the availability to automate routine maintenance with less downtime and has the flexibility to grow as their business grows.